Student Exchange: Xantus Janos School visits Urspringschule

The first exchange in the new Erasmus+ Project „T.E.A.M. Together everyone achieves more“ is already history. Time was flying during the last week, when 6 students and their teacher from our Hungarian partner school visited Urspring from October 15th to October 21st.

On Thursday and Friday last week the project work started with researching information for the three working groups:

  • Wind turbines: research various types of wind turbines with a focus on small wind turbines and continue working on the model of a wind turbine
  • Growing world population vs limited resources: How can we minimize our impact?
  • Our „Carbon Footprint“ is way too big – write a brochure about different clean energy sources and collect ideas for minimizing your personal footprint!

Additional tasks were

  • collecting  the special vocabulary needed for the project work in all the languages spoken in the countries involved in the project. In the long term this will be a part of a multilingual dictionary.
  • the production of a questionnaire for studying and working abroad.The questionnaire will be a part of every meeting this academic year in order to prepare a guide book for students with information about their possibilities in the countries that are currently involved in the project.

The weekend was spent with the host families and everyone had a lot to tell about their experiences on Monday when the whole group met again. Monday was a long and hard working day – not only group work but also a school presentation by the Hungarian students during assembly and the preparations for the international dinner were on the programme. But we managed and everyone was tired but satisfied when we could sit down to enjoy the various specialties in the evening.

The level of excitement rose during Tuesday morning – the presentation of the results was set for 11:30 am and there was still a lot of work to do. Additional to that some of the German students had to write a German or an English exam  🙁  ! But everyone made good progress and so we were able to present our results to the interested audience. The group was rewarded with a free afternoon being spent in Ulm after a short guided tour showing the guests the „Ulmer Münster“ and the old parts of the town …

…and then it was time to say good bye to the guests and we are looking forward to our visit to Budapest in April 2016!

ungarische Sandwiches Brote schmieren Gruppenbild

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