Tartu Information – Belgium calling …

Saturday 24/10

Teachers on a road trip, someone should write a novel about that. We left Tartu to explore the countryside and to get an insight into the complex history of Estonia. Only 25 years after the country’s independence from Russia, there are still a lot of landmarks left from that era. Abandoned collective farms, old spirits plants and ghetto-like blocks still remind of a darker past. Luckily, the Estonian spirit is that of entrepreneurship, and so old buildings are being renovated and new functions are added to already existing venues (the old spirits plant was turned into a very nice ballroom with hotel). In the meantime, the pupils went in mixed groups to Ahhaa, an interactive science museum (well, they are pupils of 6W2) and afterwards everyone met up for pizza in the school, the Hugo Trefferi Gumnasium. On Sunday the hard work will start, so it’s a good thing everyone already knows where to be.

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