International friendship promoted – Germans and Belgians plant tree of friendship at Urspring

A willow for the Urspring source

Yesterday a group of German and Belgian students suspended their hard project work within the framework of Comenius and came together at the Urspring source to plant a tree.

Originally provided by the editors of the Urspringblog to replace cut down trees, the idea was happily adopted by Inge Banholzer and her team to set an example for international friendship that will last for decades!

For this reason the students met at 9:45 a.m. to dig a hole for the new willow. Armed with shovels and cameras they went to work and a couple of minutes later the hole was prepared.

The core team including Carlo Geiger, Moritz Lehnemann, Heinz-Wilhelm Schäbe and the teacher of our Belgian friends Emmanuel Vercruysse then planted the willow, assisted by Head of School Dr. Rainer Wetzler who had already removed the plant pot with huge effort.

After putting the willow tree into the ground the students filled the hole with new soil so that the willow can develop into a big and impressive tree in a couple of years.

Throughout the whole action numerous spectators commented the work progress and supported their working companions ideally.

Here are some impressions of the whole event:

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