Belgium calling again – Tuesday in Tartu

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5:30 am. Everything was still pitch black outside and inside the hotel, except for rooms 522 and 523. The German and Dutch teachers were already wide awake (well, more or less) and preparing for a bog hike before breakfast to watch the sunrise. We were lucky with the weather and we even got to see the black grouse, a view so rare that even our guides were perplexed for a moment. Afterwards we went to feast on pancakes in the Hugo Trefferi Gymnasium before hitting off the project work again. Students could take a break at 14:30, but almost everyone kept on working, so they must have been very interested in the topics at hand (which centred around migration). At half past five the real work started, since everyone had to prepare their stand for the food court later that evening. Every country prepared some typical dishes from their home to then present to the other pupils, the teachers and parents. The Belgians of course had chocolate mousse (not to be confused with the brown reindeer we saw earlier) and we presented a Belgian dessert buffet table.

Emmanuel Vercrusse, Belgian teacher

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